Info Brokerage

If you’re trying to locate someone who doesn’t want to be found, it can be akin to searching for the proverbial needle in a haystack. Or maybe you want to run a background check on a potential new employee - would you know where to start?

Guardus Security Services ’s Information Brokerage Services are an effective way of tracing debtors and other perpetrators of a misdemeanor, and gleaning crucial personal data on people who you need to know you can trust.

At Guardus Security Services we offer the following Info Brokerage Services:

  • Skip Tracing - from delinquent account collections to locating missing persons, we can help
  • Process Serving - we’ll deliver your court documents in an efficient and timely fashion
  • Criminal History Background Checks - make sure you know who you’re dealing with via a thorough check
  • Expert Witness Testimony and Services - our professionals lend credence to your court case and back up your evidence

Whether you’re trying to trace someone, need papers served, want to check a potential business partner’s history or need backup in court, talk to Guardus Security Services today.

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