Executive Protection

At Guardus Security Services we believe that personal protection should encompass more than a presence. Whether you're the owner of a large company, or are simply transporting valuable materials from one place to another, security must always be a consideration.

Our personnel are trained to be interactive facilitators and to professionally ensure that all aspects of the client's protection and security are addressed. Our attention to detail ensures that the principal is neither embarrassed nor inconvenienced.

Employing personal protection provides more than physical safeguarding from harm. An effective protection detail will ultimately maximize the principal's time. By either facilitating travel arrangements to and from an airport or confirming a destination's address to avoid delay, the benefits of utilizing a personal security aid are invaluable.

The protection details that we use are generally low-profile. We recognize that it is imperative to be discreet and unobtrusive in a corporate or private environment. Our agents present a professional image, are familiar with the responsibilities of a personal assistant, and recognize the intimate nature of the assignment. Limousine service, in conjunction with Marquis Limousine, is available as well.

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